MASS UPDATE: March 6, 2022

MASS UPDATE: March 6, 2022

Arrived at PH Address

- KEP1ER First Impact
- TWICE Sana Cosmopolitan
- TWICE Nayeon & Jihyo Y Magazine

 In Transit to PH

- TWICE 4th World Tour 'III' MD 2nd Pre-order

- TREASURE The Second Step

- Time with Yoo Photobook by Jeongyeon Bar

Note: We will email buyers of Time With Yoo once the photobooks have arrived in our PH address. There was an additional fee paid because of restrictions in shipment due to COVID-19. Hopefully there are no fees to be paid to PH customs. Further details will be included in the separate email.

 Arrived at KR Address

- BTS Dicon Photocard Custom Book

- BLACPINK 2022 Welcoming Collection

Awaiting Delivery to PH Address

- Jeongyeon Doll by Jeongyeon Bar

Awaiting Release/Delivery to KR Address

- APINK Horn
- TWICE Dahyun Marie Claire
- (G)I-DLE I Never Die
- NMIXX Ad Mare Light ver.

Ongoing GOs

- TWICE Formula of Love Monograph
- STRAY KIDS Oddinary
- SOLAR Face
- RED VELVET The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm
- TWICE Old Albums
- BTS Deco Kit


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